Life Happens

So it’s been a while, several months actually, since I’ve updated my site. A lot has happened in between launching my first book, Before I Lose My Nerve, and today. The biggest thing? I’m coming out with my second poetry collection, titled we might as well be galaxies. Too soon? Maybe. But I needed to get it out there.

Here’s the cover!

The most common comment I got from those who’ve read BILMN was that it was way too short and they wanted to read more of my words. So this. The pre-order link is up on Amazon and will be live on October 15. I am working on having it available on CreateSpace as well. The print copy for readers in the Philippines will be available starting October 14.

Back to that in a sec, because I want to thank the people who’ve helped me with this second book — my sister, Pam (I am contractually obligated to say that she is my favorite sister), who gamely did the cover art and illustrations for the inside pages in exchange for a few plates of inari over at Genki Sushi; Dawn Lanuza, to whom I sent the jumbled mass of words and feelings and who was able to somehow make sense of it all, all the while wading knee deep in emoceans. Although I did the cover design and inside pages myself, I’d like to thank Tara Frejas who designed BILMN for her patience in answering all my questions. I decided to DIY it to see if I could do it and because there are certain things I wanted to do with it that I felt would be too difficult to explain to anyone. I was nervous because there are so many  technical things I could eff up but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, so YAY!

Dawn sent back my manuscript with three bonus bunnies <3

I’m bringing 40 copies to #FeelsFest2017, a wonderful #romanceclass event happening at Commune in Makati on October 14. I think it’s a lot of copies, but I brought 15 copies of BILMN to the #AprilFeelsDay2017 and well, suffice it to say I wished I’d brought more. Oops! So I’m bringing more, just in case, and 10 copies of BILMN, also just in case.

A lot will happen on October 14, and foremost on my mind is the launch of my new book (and other books too!) and that poems from BILMN will be read by one or some of our wonderful live readers .

They’re extremely talented (and attractive!) actors who read excerpts from select #romanceclass books and make us feel things. It’s been hinted that there will be extra~ things thrown in and I caNNOT WAIT FOR IT AAAGGGHHH!

I am also, of course, nervous about how the audience will react to the reading. Would they feel things? Or would they think my words suck? If you’re a poet you know that the worst possible thing people could say about your words is that they are unable to connect to it. I’ve learned though that my people, my niche audience, receive me and my words well.

Books to be read on #FeelsFest2017. Crazy that mine’s on there!

Not everybody will like it (as evidenced by a number of two-star reviews on BILMN and I try not to let them get to me too much) but there are people who will (there are great ratings and reviews from complete strangers as well as my lovely author friends on there too). And to me, just being able to make people feel things, reconnect them to a time and place they think they’ve forgotten, that is enough for me. I’ve done my job well.

I never really thought I’d be able to do this, you know? I was just a little girl with a pen and some paper, pouring out words onto the sheets because it hurt to keep them all in, not because they’re meant to be seen by other eyes. Now, two books later, I still can’t believe there are people who want in. So thank you. <3


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